Sissel Edelbo

Preston Velvet Suzani Vest




Preston Velvet Suzani Vest is a reversible vest, that features a casual silhouette. On the one side you will find teddy fabric including front pockets. On the other side a brown cotton velvet decorated with colorful Suzani embroidery. All edges are nicely covered with cotton bindings.  

This Suzani item is not only full of beautiful colors – the embroidery is also made by hand. The Suzani embroidery is made by Indian artisans, using the tambour to create a unique, vivid, and beautiful Suzani embroidery pattern. The name “Suzani” comes from the Persian word "su-zan," meaning needle. Our Indian artisans use a hooked needle instrument called a tambour to create the intricate chain stitching that is the hallmark of Suzani embroidery. When buying our Suzani embroidered styles, you are supporting local artisans and responsible slow fashion.

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